In a Shade of Varicolored Maples

Garden MIX, that includes four different inspirations.

A bit of mediterrenian, which means two small vineyards in the center of the garden, tamarisks flopping down like on Dalmatias beaches, tall and majestic Miscanthus - the Italian Pampas grass relatives.

A bit of dunes by the see, with a fine-grained sand and tiny gravel interwoven by the grasses and dwarf creeping pines 'Hillside Creeper'.

Eliptical lawns,  shapes that are well known on the golf club greens.

On the end, travertine slop in the frontyard with makes character of naturalistic rocks of Jura with is native succulents - Sedums an Houseleeks

And when the winter comes, and covers the garden with rime, hoarfrost and snow there wil be conservatory waiting for the guests...

may be seen here...

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